Race and Course Descriptions:

Course:  The Chama Chile Ski Classic course is a loop course and is 6 kilometers in length. It is a moderately difficult course that includes rolling hills, open meadows, a section of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad tracks, aspen forests and spruce/fir forests.  It is at approximately 9800 feet elevation.  All the races, except the Rookie Races, are based on distances that are once, twice or three times around the course.

The Rookie Race includes sections of the course that are easier to ski or snowshoe, or are shorter in length.  The 1K and 2K Rookie Races use a section of the course that is in a relatively flat meadow with a couple of gently sloping hills.  The 3K Rookie Race includes the meadow and other sections of the course.

Race Descriptions:

The Chama Chile Ski Classic puts on 10 races over two days in the following categories:

6K & 18K Freestyle Cross Country Skiing Races:  Freestyle skiing is also called skate skiing because of its skating like motion.  The course is groomed for Freestyle skiing.  The 18K race is now a part of the Southwest Nordic Race Series (See Home Page for more details) and is one of four races in the series.

6K & 12K Classic Cross Country Skiing Races:  Classic skiing is the type of skiing that most cross country skiers first learn.  In classic skiing, skiers move forward in a kick and glide motion, keeping their skis parallel.  The course is groomed for the Classic ski race with parallel tracks set into the trail. 

6K & 12K Snowshoe Race:  The snowshoe race is on the same course as the skiers and is a hard packed course, so no trail breaking is involved.  The 6K Snowshoe Race is on Saturday - Time TBD.  The 12K snowshoe race begins shortly after the 6K Classic Cross Country skiing race on Sunday.  We ask that snowshoers stay out of the ski tracks, and if they pass skiers, to pass on the left.

6K Ski/Snowshoe Combined & 12K Ski/6K Snowshoe Combined:  These two races are actually a combination of the other races.  Racer's times from each event are combined to produce a total time.  6K Ski/6KSnowshoe Combined racers begin their race with the 6K Classic Ski mass start  and then are individually timed by our volunteers for the snowshoe portion of their race.  All races start begin in the Staging Area of the race course.  The 12K Ski/6K Snowshoe Combined racers begin their race with the 12K Classic Ski mass start, and then start their snowshoe portion of the race with the 12K Snowshoe mass start.  IF a 12K Ski/6K Snowshoe Combined racer does NOT complete the Classic ski portion of their race in time to begin when the 12K Snowshoe mass start begins, then their snowshoe time will be individually timed. 

1K to 3K Rookies Races:  The Rookie Races are for adults and kids who are new to racing and who want an easier course.  Racers can choose to snowshoe or to cross-country ski.  They can also choose to go 1K, 2K or 3K, depending on what they feel comfortable doing.  The Rookie racers use shorter sections of the main race course.  There is a cut-off from the main course for the 3K Rookie Race section.

Guidelines for Racers and Users of the Race Course:

We ask that all racers and users be considerate of each other:

1.  Slower racers/users need to stay to the right, faster racers/users pass on the left

2.  Snowshoers, please stay out of Classic ski tracks when using the course.

3.  Ski or Snowshoe in a manner that does not endanger other users.

4.  Stay off the course when the groomers are grooming the course, especially on Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

5.  Have FUN!! and ENJOY the course!  It is a beautiful place.  Please pack out or pick up any trash and keep it beautiful.

Chama Chile Ski Classic, January 18-19, 2020
Race fees

1st Price:  Until midnight, Wednesday, January 15th are 

                      Regular Online Registration prices

2nd Price:  Race Weekend Prices - $10 more on all Adult races 

                                     Youth and Rookie Race fees remain $20

Saturday Races:

1. 6K Freestyle XC Ski, Adult = $25.00/$35.00     
2. 18K Freestyle XC Ski, Adult = $30.00/$40.00  

3. 6K Snowshoe, Adult = $25.00/$35.00                

18 K Freestyle racers may also sign up to be part of the

Southwest Nordic Race Series (see HOME page for more info)

   Fee -  $5.00             

Sunday Races:
4. 6K Classic XC Ski, Adult = $25.00/$35.00            
5. 12K Classic XC Ski, Adult = $30.00/$40.00           

6. NEW!  12K Snowshoe, Adult = $30.00/$40/00
7.  6K Ski/6K Snowshoe, Adult = $30.00/ $40.00    
8. 12K Ski/6K Snowshoe, Adult = $40.00/$50.00
9. 1 - 3K Rookie Race (Ski or Snowshoe), Adult = $20.00      

YOUTH – 17 & UNDER, ALL RACES ARE $20.00 –

no change in price for Race Day.



Saturday Races:

10. 6K Freestyle, (17 & under) = $20.00
11. 18K Freestyle, (15-17 yrs) = $20.00   

12. 6K Snowshoe, (17 & under) = $20.00   
Sunday Races:

13. 6K Classic, (17& under) = $20.00     
14. 12K Classic, (15-17 yrs) = $20.00        
15. 12K Snowshoe, (17 & under) = $20.00      
16. 6K Ski/6K Snowshoe, (15-17 yrs.) = $20.00     
17. 12K Ski/6K Snowshoe, (15-17 yrs) = $20.00

18. Rookie Race, (17 & under) Ski or Snowshoe = $20.00

Copyright Chama Chile Ski Classic.   All rights reserved.

The Chama Chile Ski Classic is made possible through a special use permit with the Rio Grande National Forest.

Partial funding provided by Village of Chama and Rio Arriba County Lodgers' Taxes.


Notes about the Races:

ALL RACERS - receive one long sleeved Tshirt per person (not per race)

TOP MALE AND FEMALE RACERS in each category will receive a Chile Ristra

First and second place medals are awarded in 10 year age categories, except for separate 5 year age categories for youth (5-9 yrs, 10-14 yrs and 15-19 years) in the 6K Classic, 6K Snowshoe, and 6k Freestyle races.

Combined Races:  Ristras are awarded to the top Male and Female racer, and first and second place medals.  No age category medals are awarded.  The top 6KSki/6K Snowshoe combined racers will receive the Prince or Princess of the Mountain title and a prize, and the top 12 K Ski/6K Snowshoe Combined racers will receive the King and Queen of the Mountain title and a prize.

Special Awards:  The Clif Palmer Average Jane and Joe awards are given to the racers that have the average male and female racing times for the 6K Classic Ski Race.  The Mary Ruth Middleton Award is given to the oldest snowshoer that completes the 6K snowshoe race. 

Costume Contest:  This year's theme for the Costume Contest is ​Mardi Gras.  The Costume Contest is ongoing throughout the races on Sunday.  Prizes will be given to the Best Adult costume, Best Youth Costume and Best Group Costume.

1K-3K ROOKIE RACERS:  All Rookie Race participants will receive a participant ribbon.  No ristras, 1st or 2nd place medals will be awarded.  The philosophy of the Rookie Race is "IF YOU HAD FUN, YOU WON!".  The goal of the Rookie Race is to help beginners enjoy the experience of skiing or snowshoeing on a race course.